Thursday, June 21, 2012

"On the Deathbed of Carl Rudolph" at Metro Fiction

This week one of my stories is the Feature over at Metro Fiction. The tale is On the Deathbed of Carl Rudolph, about Carl Rudolph receiving a sealed letter from a friend who passed away decades ago and ordered it not be delivered until Carl was at his own end.

This is one of my more introspective pieces and I'm very proud to see it out in the publishing world.. Metro Fiction is a paying market run by Debra Mars and PJ Kaiser, who you may know from #fridayflash and Tuesday Serial. Any comments or retweeting would be much appreciated. I hope you enjoy the story.

You can read "On the Deathbed of Carl Rudolph" for free right here.


  1. Will wander over later today (work beckons), but congrats on the pub. METRO FICTION is a class act, run by two classy writer-chicks, and the check is very nice. Peace...

  2. Loved it when it first appeared here, not surprised it got picked up elsewhere, congrats.


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