Monday, November 26, 2012

Bathroom Monologue: What ‘Earth’ Means Abroad, OR, Monologue for Sinestro

“I’m not going to earth myself. I will deal with the real threats to my fledgling corps of fear. I only had to meet you to know – you, granted the greatest weapon in the universe, went home and barely made fourth-from-the-top of your League. Does this say that earth is home to unbeatable wonder women and supermen? No. The ring operates based on the capacity of its user, and you, the best of earth, can barely make it into fame for yourself. Earth possesses scarcely the intelligence to reach the stars, and no will to do anything with it. So I will not be assaulting earth. It will be the rookies of my corps that guts your backwater insult of a planet. Earth is what I feed to my young. Goodbye, Hal Jordan.”


  1. I always wondered about that. Drop a ten-warhead nuke on the Justice League or the Avengers and what do you get? A clear path.

  2. Hi there John -- this does, rather ring true (no pun intended). This is more like REAL superheroes on a real earth. Why do I suspect we'd actually be a bit crap, even if handed ultimate power? We'd still probably use it to cook a burger or win the lottery... St.


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