Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bathroom Monologue: The iBelieve

"Your religion needs an update, Father. This crucifix. Yes, it's a cross, and the image of Christ suffering for mortal sins, but those are just two functions, and most consumers see them as one. Single-use devices are unfashionable. Can't it be a keychain, too? 

"Put a bottle opener at your Savior's feet. Can't this thing play music? I've seen MP3 players and flash drives smaller than this. You could fit a terabyte in Jesus's chest. 

"It needs WiFi; pray with the rosary beads, fine, but get some Facebook integration so God can Like your best prayers on your Wall. Twitter integration, for short requests and pithy spiritual thoughts. Boundless functionality. Auto-updates. The Vatican authorizes new canon and bang, streamed straight to your personal iconography. 

"Launch it next month. A new model next year. Make people feel like they've got outdated faithware. If you can't make Steve Jobs convert, you can at least convert his methods. You're not going to Hell because you don't have one; life is Hell because you don't have one. The iChrist. The iBelieve. Think about it."


  1. Now this is frightening. Very frightening.

  2. Crap, I hope I don't get zapped just for reading that...

  3. I love this. How much you want to bet a lot of these things already exist. I'd bet money on a crucifix usb drive. In fact, I'll google it now...


  4. Eh, not a bad idea actually, in some ways. Technology isn't incompatible with a religious life. That marketing, though.... That's totally the iWayOfDoingThings. Whether your religion be Catholicism, Appleolatry, or anything else, buying into it with blind faith is scary!


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