Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Off the WorldCon! Join me?

Early this morning I'm off to the first of two flights to San Antonio. I've never been to Texas before and am looking forward to experiencing the culture, if not the climate.

The big reason for this journey is the 71st annual World Science Fiction Convention, or WorldCon. It's one of the biggest SF/F conventions in America, hosting many of its premiere authors, like Scott Lynch, George R.R. Martin and Neil Gaiman. This is my second WorldCon, and I'm better prepared after last year. I've met more of the authors before and am helping arrange one of the parties, which is exciting. Carrie Clevenger is actually coming all the way into town for the SF Signal lunch on Saturday, which I'm terribly excited for. It's been an entire year since I've seen Emma Newman or John DeNardo, and this is my first meeting with Carrie in the flesh.

If you're anywhere near Texas, SF Signal has a free meet-up at the Rivercenter Mall on Saturday afternoon. You can also look out for me avoiding alcohol at Drinks With Authors at Ernie's Bar. If I have the energy, I'll also be staffing the Reddit table in the Exhibition Hall for a couple hours.

I'd like to live-blog the Hugos on Sunday night, but I'm hearing the convention center has either no internet or very expensive wifi. I'll still try to live-tweet them, though, and you can catch me @Wiswell. As it is, internet unavailability will keep me relatively radio silent until I get back home Tuesday the 3rd - the day before my birthday.

That reminds me: keep those Rarely Asked Questions coming! If you're lucky, I'll answer yours while loopy from jet-lag.

I'll keep updated on Twitter if I can, though, and I have a pretty special Friday Flash planned. If it's a fruitful convention, I'll be blogging it up all next week. And I still owe you folks a recap of the overpacked glory of Otakon...


  1. Have a heap of fun - and look after yourself.

  2. Strange coincidence. Although I'm also going to San Antonio, it's not until the first week in October.

    Have fun at the con!

  3. Have a blast!

    Rarely asked question: Which do you prefer popcorn ceilings or smooth ceilings? Oh, and why?

    I don't think I've ever asked anyone that. LOL

    (and I apologize if I confuse you by posting as JL sometimes and as Jenelle Leanne other times... I'm just too lazy to notice which one I'm signed in as and be consistent... but they're both me!.... or are they????)

    I think I might have jet-lag loopiness going on myself... and I haven't even flown anywhere!!

  4. Have a great time! Wish I was there. :(

  5. I totally want to live in San Antonio someday, it's beautiful! Have fun, sound like it's going to be great!

  6. I hope you're having an amazing time. I hope to go to this con one day.


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