Monday, November 19, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: All Play and No Work...

We thought we figured out what was wrong with growing up. It was giving up play for work. The dream, it was said, was to make play into work. “Do what you love.” And we did that, but the problem was that when we made play into work, play became work. It was no longer playing. And the joy of play slowly left the play-work, and it became the same as work-work. The things we liked to do stopped being things we liked to think about. A few of us tried desperately to restore the love to our work, to make it play again. We got fired, or agents stopped calling us back, or our lines were discontinued. So we got together, and we worked. Which is to say, we played together. And we had no money, and we got quite hungry, but we had a darn good time.

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  1. This one is so succinct, but it says so much. It gives me tingles every time I read it... it's definitely one of my favorites.


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