Monday, November 19, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: Short stories don't synch well to trailers

To those musicians who whore out their music to movie trailers: congratulations. I envy you. If I could somehow sell my novels or short stories to be reprinted in tune to trailers for five crappy movies for $25,000 a pop, you damn well know I would. Yeah, I know the movie will probably suck. But you’re doing us a service. You’re giving us something good to listen to while the trailer inadvertently shows us how bad the upcoming feature that we’ll never pay $10 to see really is. And the best of you have come up with such simple or sweet rhythms that even the underpaid, brainless studio monkeys can sync video to it. I wonder: do you ever go to the movies you sell out to? Do you ever go to the movies with previews containing your music? You damn sure can afford it. It’d be hilarious if you never do.

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