Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sorry for the Songs and Puns

I’m not sorry for anything I’ve written in the Bathroom Monologues about theology, technology, epistemology, politics, science or the grand religion of literary tradition, but I am sorry for the puns and song parodies. I can convince myself that most of what I’ve written was partially true or would be funny to someone, but that’s not the case with the puns and song parodies. These creep up on me, and like a dead mouse in the mouth of a house cat, I can’t help but wander around the premises and show it off. I believe it may be a neurosis.

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  1. Okay, this caused me to cover my mouth to repress the shrieks, since I'm at work in the library and screams of laughter would be severely frowned upon. Honestly, John, they're not as bad as dead mice. They're even kind of cute, even if it's only the "snort, eye-roll" sort of humor. Live mice doing little tricks, maybe.


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