Monday, May 5, 2008

Bathroom Monologue: In the Name of “Love”

Love conquers all, but “All” is quite a lot. Sometimes it’s everything. Sometimes Love will reach out and conquer just a little bit of All, to show it can. This causes a Persian princess to fall for a thief from the streets. It causes Farmer Brown to kiss her cow. And in one case, it caused an Intergalactic Zombie Overlord, Kiz’Thral, to fall for a pious Warrior Maiden, Theresa. They met in college and bonded by despising each other in Philosophy 101. Philosophy class is a great place to meet girls, since the girls will bullshit every bit as much as the guys as they furiously to defend their lives’ values against logic’s ultimate points: that everything you hold dear is arbitrary and it sucks to be under the scrutiny of a tenured professor. The emotional ambiguity Philosophy 101 brings has caused more premarital sex than the condom. Kiz’Thral and Theresa went their separate ways after college. Kiz’Thral was infected with the sentient hyperplague and became a missionary of the dark forces. Theresa pursued the peace of the blade, the simple life and whatnot. But inevitably their paths crossed, and gee did they blush. And chat. And laugh about serious matters And bond. And bump. And now they’re living together in the central metropolis, another odd couple in Love’s scrapbook. The sitcom is coming this February.

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