Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bathroom Monologue: "Too hot for the internet!" -stupid ad

There is nothing too hot for the internet. They put the ingredients for napalm and dirty bombs on geocities! The first time a guy got the idea to cornhole a puppy, he got that idea from photos he saw on the internet. Interracial threeways where one of the races is Uruk'Hai are on the internet. People blame Jews for the Holocaust on the internet. People post the inane crap they rambled in the bathroom on the internet! This is the home of journalism without accountability and free seven-day trial periods in beastiality websites. There is nothing too hot for it. You could install an energy converter that would cause the radiance of the sun to blast from the monitors of anyone who visited your site, frying all your customers to a crisp. And the web? It would laugh at them for not getting the right spyware protection.

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