Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bathroom Monologue: I need that burn

Day 6 of the wisdom teeth adventure and I'm up to semi-soft foods like macaroni and cheese, which is more of a slurping adventure than real chewing. At present I am honestly more anticipating the day when I can brush my teeth than when I can chew. The looks on people's faces when they come in close has nothing to do with swelling. It's the smelling. Swishing salt solution won't kill the odor. And at two times a day, toothbrushing is a hard habit to break. I can feel the itch. My right hand reaches for the cupboard every time I enter the bathroom. Last night I snuck in here and cheated, brushing just the front four. Yet every little bit of grime, which I might as well pick off of my teeth, demands bristles. Do they put nicotine in toothpaste? Is it the same compulsion that makes a man reach for a bottle of Jim Beam and Listerine? I need that burn.

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