Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: Beta Testing for Go Outside

His last web video was the supposed gameplay footage for a PC-exclusive called “Go Outside.” It averaged 1.2 stars on youtube and the Comments section was overrun with complaints for his lame gag. From the start it was obvious he had just brought a webcam outdoors and filmed himself walking around, sometimes admiring his hand in front of the lens and complimenting the “graphics.” Those viewers who finished the video were horrified, however, when after finishing the tutorial for “jumping” and “tying your shoelaces,” the host walked his camera out into the middle of the road and demonstrated the “combat gameplay,” by refusing to step out of the way of oncoming traffic. He charged at a Hummer, which threw on its breaks but still struck him. A small spray of blood could be seen flying past the lens. The view of the camera flew up and collapsed to the concrete, where it lay still for ten seconds. Then the cameraman, presumably the same one who had been struck, picked up the camera and announced the demo for Go Outside was over.

That’s the worst April Fool’s joke the Highlander ever played.

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  1. HaHA!
    And totally something he should've done.


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