Friday, April 3, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: How It Sounds

“There is no other country that is diverting 15% of tin and salts to aether research. There is no other industrialized country still bent on developing the Death Ray. And yet the chairman persists in pretending it is the conservatives that are out of touch. We cannot close the oceans with taxes upon our most prosperous citizens just because they are the wealthiest. They did not make the oceans vast, did not make them rise such that we need aether ships. It is not the corporate world that filled our skies with pirates necessitating advanced disintegrator canons in every floating city we set up. Indeed, it is the corporations that build the canons! And so what if they malfunction a mere one fifth of the time? That is still four-fifths of the floating population that lives, dry and unharassed by sky-hooligans!”

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