Monday, November 2, 2009

On "Trade Secrets Revealed" and Clickable Comments

Today Michael Solender is featuring On "Trade Secrets Revealed," a piece of my non-fiction on his site, Not From Here, Are You?. It's a reflection on a writing workshop I took at Bennington College during my Sophmore and Junior years. Aspiring writer/student meets successful writer/teacher, Fantasy nerd meets class of people who hate Fantasy - it's a classic love story. You can read On "Trade Secrets Revealed" here.

Also, after many e-mail requests, I've added clickable response tabs to the bottom of every post here on The Bathroom Monologues. Apparently people really like the option to tell me that Hate/Were Indifferent Towards/Liked what I wrote without typing those words. Well, your time has come! Detailed comments, whether it's to tell me what line made you laugh or specific criticism of the piece, are still most welcome.


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  2. As I was saying before my keyboard got in the way..

    A tale of angst, craft pursuit, peer pressure and unicorns. Does it get any better? Only in the comments. Great piece John, thanks for playing...


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