Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: Eleven Decades in Eleven Words (Defining time periods with humorous and devastating oversimplification).

1900s: Relief.
(At least it's not the 1800's!)

1910s: Horror.
(World War I; the phrase "never again" begins; a grueling decade we promise to never repeat.)

1920s: Gilded.
(The Gilded Age; We have lots of money and it will never stop!)

1930s: Depression.
(The Great Depression; We have no money and it will never stop!)

1940s: Horror 2. (We repeat the 1910's; World War 2: fascism; Nazism; Communism; Maoism; Stalinism; zionism; fundamentalism; the decade of assholes who won't stay home)

1950s: Relief 2.
(The Gilded Memory Age; the decade that seems the best because hippies weren't jaded yet and, honestly, anything was better than the 40's)

1960s: Rebellion.
(We'll show our selfish, stupid, shortsighted parents by being even more selfish, stupid and shortsighted and it will never stop!)

1970s: Compromise.
(The 60's with a day job.)

1980s: Responsibility.
(The day job without the 60's.)

1990s: Internet.
(We have the internet and all this money and it will never stop!)

2000s: Fear.
(Plane attacks; suicide bombers; economic crashes; global warming; apocalypse theories; not nearly as bad as Horror or Horror 2, but still terrifying and with a million more opportunities to see it)


  1. I really enjoyed this! Here's hoping that the next decade will bring something other than horror... *fingers crossed*

  2. Funny and sad at the same time. You've managed to boil it down quite nicely.
    Here's to the next decade and whatever it boils down to.

  3. "A million more opportunities to see it". Very, very true.

  4. Glad you three enjoyed this. Here's a good decade ahead!


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