Friday, February 19, 2010

Bathroom Moologue: While he fixes his collar

“Hey Layla.”

“Yeah Frank?”

“It’s Friday.”

“Yeah it is, lover boy. Bring that check home and we’ll party tonight.”

“I been noticing something.”

“Yeah Frank?”

“Seems every Friday I cash my paycheck and come home. Somehow within an hour we get into a fight and you storm out with the money. You stay out all night spending it. The next day we start to make up, so that we’re in good together again by the time I go to work Monday.”

“How dare you insinuate that about me! If my mother heard you -!”

“Hey, don’t go off on me. I’ve got to be at the docks in ten minutes. Besides, I’m not saying you’re playing my fiddle.”

“Then why would you say those horrible things?”

“See, I signed us up for couple’s therapy. First meeting is tonight after work gets out.”

“Frank, we’re not that bad.”

“Yeah, but it’s less expensive this way. Plus this insures I get to go out. See you at six.”


  1. I knew Layla was a bitch from the get go. Frank deserves someone who will treat him right. Maybe the hot, new couples therapist? Hmmmm?? Maybe not.

  2. That's one way to get a night out. :)

  3. Quite a success this piece. Good use of dialog and I absolutely LOVE Layla as a character name. She's got me on my knees. Deftly crafted.

  4. You painted these two superbly. He painted her back into a box -- loved it, John! Peace, Linda


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