Thursday, March 11, 2010

"He" Attacks The Bijou

Today's story is "Possible Origins For Him. 1." It remains the most popular recorded version of a monologue I've ever done. Something about a laugh at the end.

You know, there never was a "2." That will have to change.

Anyway, the monologue is appearing at Kate's Bijou. The Bijou is a spot for various pieces of short fiction and reflection, largely by the thirty-three (or so) authors from the upcoming Harbinger*33 anthology. The anthology will hopefully be out later this year. I've got two pieces hidden away inside it.

Don't worry. One of them is funny.

"Possible Origins For Him. 1." and its corresponding audio performance went up this morning. There's also a little message on upcoming places my fiction is going to appear, if you like spoilers.


  1. You need to add more options besides "hate this" and "this is ok" - thought that was awesome. Do you ever perform these live?

  2. Thank you Jared! I actually had a third option, "Love This," but it might not have appeared on some people's browsers. I've reset the tabs to be a little shorter so hopefully the third option will be visible.

    (In the process I accidentally wiped every vote that every story has ever gotten - not so technologically bright of me)

    I've never done a live performance of these. There really isn't a venue for such a thing near me. It might be fun to try if I could find a place, though. Do you think they'd play well live?


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