Monday, May 17, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: Paved With

Virg pulled Dan by the wrist until they were out of the woods. It seemed like there was nothing but woods until they set foot outside it, when the road burst into glory. It glittered like gold and platinum, with the intensity of the sun streaming up between the bricks.

Virg pointed at down at it, her bracelets clinking.

“Now you see that road?”

Dan nodded. Just looking at the road made his heart swell. He wished he’d brought a pocket knife to pry a few of those bricks loose.

“Yeah. What’s it made of?”

“Good intentions. Pried off of their persons and laid with psychic mortar.”

“Oh.” Dan looked back at the woods to cleanse his mental pallet. “So that’s the way to…”

“It is paved with good intentions. Keep yours close to your chest; you don’t want to see what collects and lays the bricks.”

“Well…” Dan looked at the road again. It made him think about quitting smoking and putting the money he saved into a 401K. He squeezed his temples, hoping a stress headache wasn’t coming on. “Thanks?”

“If we get separated, find your way back here.”

“Why? I don’t want to go… down there.”

“Follow the road backwards. Both ways don’t lead to the same place.”

Dan looked up the road. It didn’t go far before it rounded a bend and was obscured by this damnable forest.

“Will that get us to Heaven?”

“No.” Virg grabbed his wrist again. “But hopefully you’ll find an off ramp.”


  1. This was splendid! Who wants to go down there, eh? All that glitters. Oh my head is filled with all sorts of accompanying phrases.

  2. HAHAHA. Loved this,John.

    Reminds me of 6s Chris Campbell and I collaborated on. A demon named sig was sent to our protag to buy this huge list of things. Turns out, The Devil wanted the protag to pave the road to hell.

  3. Thank you both. This is one of those out-of-the-blue flashes I'll never be able to explain. I'm always relieved when someone enjoys them.

  4. surreal and even kinda creepy in a weird way. Dunno why I think that...

  5. Nothing like a little Dante to brighten my day. Love it.

  6. I love the way looking at the road makes Dan change what he is thinking.

    The road as a trap that they have to find an off-ramp for tickles my fancy. Sounds like a fun place to poke around.


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