Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quilted For Your Pleasure: If Iron Man 2’s Script Were Edited by John Wiswell

Click the above image to view this week's Sunday Funny.

It was composed in the bathroom by John Wiswell. He wishes Max would exit the doughnut.

It was drawn by Max Cantor. He's taking a break from drawing these for a little while because of some personal problems. He loves you guys. Please leave him well wishes.


  1. This one took me a minute, but HAHAHA I got it. I need one of those suits. It's almost like being ghost... except that it's not. As always Love both of your guys' work.

    Lots of well wishes and good thoughts Max's way.I'll miss his Sunday drawings! Take care.

  2. He, he, he...Michael said it all! I've been enjoying the comics.

  3. Glad you folks have been enjoying them. Once Max has things back together we'll hopefully bring this back. I've got a few scripts ready as it is.

    There's also another drawing project that I hope multiple artists will have a look at...

  4. Another winner, John... Hope max is OK...

  5. *sends max a gorillagram*

    Best part? real gorilla.

    Enjoyed the comic. Especially the awesome hairdo in the first panel. No reason. really.



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