Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: Port Noy's Complaint

The harbormaster’s door flew open. A sailor burst through it, eyes frantically scraping over the room. The harbormaster peered in from the back room.

"Harbormaster!” the sailor cried. “Harbormaster!"

The harbormaster came in, eyeing the sailor. "What is it?"

"The Port Noy’s come alive!"

He blinked at the sailor. "Is there a riot?"

"No, the actual structure is up and attacking the ships. It’s a nightmare out there.”

The sailor waved him over to the door. They looked outside together. True to the sailor’s words, the docks had ripped from the waters and were moving like great wooden tentacles. They slapped at ships and flung men into the sea.

The sailor jerked on the harbormaster’s lapel. “It demands you come listen to its complaint."

“That I listen to… Port Noy’s complaint?” The harbormaster stared at the monstrosity, then rolled his eyes and walked back indoors. "Oh this is too dumb, even for Wiswell."


  1. LOL, I don't get the reference but oh well.

  2. you are dating yourself, most of your young followers won't get the reference..

  3. Hey, Portnoy's Complaint was published before I was born. But if this dates me, wait until you see the Davey Crockett story.

  4. Oh my, this is great! Didn't get the reference either, but that was a killer ending!

  5. Loved it. The self reference was hilarious and I can't wait fro the Davey Crockett piece.


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