Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bathroom Monologue: Marriage of Evolution

Crickets and violinists played in tandem for their earless common ancestors. The chimp had carried The Bride’s train since he was the most genetically similar to her, and because he looked the most adorable in a tiny tux. Simple bacteria chatted about how relevant they were to digestion until everyone was bored. Hunter/gatherers brought flowers, though it was the Neanderthal that caught the bouquet. The Missing Link read the rites and asked for their vows. The crowd waited hours for the newlyweds to kiss, a long wait since The Bride first has to pick lice from her love’s scalp. Understandable all in all, given that a gorilla was The Groom.


  1. Now there's a wedding to write home about. I wonder how the reception went?

  2. This is the story you need to ask the artists to interpret!

  3. This took me a minute to figure out. Then I checked the title again and was highly amused, as always.


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