Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bathroom Monologue: Electronic Motions

It was the biggest thing since building critters out of meat. Electronic motion: electrifying the meat so that the critters would not just move, but feel. This existential electricity flowed down a spine, through a head, into and out of fingertips. A critter twitched. A critter writhed. A critter wrote hexameter. The Designer liked it all until one critter’s electronic motion caused it to question whether it had a Designer, or whether that Designer was particularly intelligent. That’s about when the Designer stopped talking to them and spent all the time electrocuting them. It was sort of vengeance, and a sort of function. Electric excitement. Electric enticement. Electric despair. He did it so much that electronic motions required short hand. He shortened it to “e-motions.” Eventually he dropped the hyphen.


  1. Well. This is as fine, and likely as accurate, an explanation for human history as anything I've seen. Well done John.

  2. Something to ponder for some time John. A great metaphor for the God-human relationship I think.

    Denise (#ff)


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