Monday, September 19, 2011

Bathroom Monologue: The Pirates Sailed Inland Again

This was originally posted in October 2008. I'm re-posting it for Chuck Allen's pirate blog carnival.

Having heard some hurtful criticisms about their profession on CNN, the pirates sailed inland for more practical ventures. They scouted the homes of the wealthy, and when the occupants went to work, the pirates pillaged. But they just weren’t satisfied with stealing a home theatre or a sweet sound system. It was too small-scale.

First they tried to yank the whole house out of the ground, but the foundation was too strong and the hull was too small.

They tried sawing the floors apart to make them more maneuverable, but when the lumberjacks realized what the pirates were doing with their saws they took them back and broke the first mate’s arm.

Some of the deckhands had the idea to steal shacks and any other structures not attached to the actual houses. The crew had twenty Hummers (and twenty garages) when the captain returned from Starbuck’s. He was most displeased with the operation, but his first question wasn’t why they’d put a sliding electric door on his quarterdeck. His first question was, “How’d you get the ship on land?”


  1. I love it! It reminded me of Monty Python sailing the buildings and the accountants. Starbucks! Just perfect. I'll be giggling over this one for a while.

  2. Yes how did they get the ship on land? ^__^

    arr Starbucks be t' only coffee house any self respectin' captain and his parrot would be seen in.

  3. Ha ha! I love your whimsical pirates in this one. Stealing the whole house is definitely more pirate-like than pilfering a tv or blue ray player.

    Thanks for including this in the pirate carnival, John.

  4. How DID they get the ship on land? I'll be wondering about that for days.


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