Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bathroom Monologue: Time Machines

The universe is a time machine. It's set to "ON."

The human mind is a time machine. It's constantly lagging toward the present.

Light is a time machine. It makes the most of it.

A black hole is a time machine. We're uncertain of its settings.

Time is not a time machine. It lacks ambition.

Machines are not time machines. However, all geese are birds.


  1. If the human mind is a time machine mine definitely needs a bit of oiling. :P Interesting, really interesting.

  2. I find that most human minds are stuck in the past and rarely ever make it to the present.

  3. My brain is spinning now. I think my time machine is broken.

  4. I always thought my watch fit the definition of time machine. Now I'm not sure what to do with the darned thing.

  5. If the human mind is a time machine, it has a very tight governor and runs on a straight track at 60 seconds per minute, never varying. If that's the case, mine's defective because it jumped the track and the speed varies.

  6. A human being is a time making machine. It runs faster or slower depending on variable such as interest, attention, or elderly, bad-smelling relatives with disgusting habits you are forced to pay attention to. Time is also an artificial construct of how we think.

    Time is a machine for clipping our awareness into units.

  7. I thought a time machine was that thing in H.G. Wells novel - now I have to go and rethink it all because of what you wrote.... time waits for no man...

  8. Lol. This makes more sense than Stephen Hawkings.


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