Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bathroom Monologue: No Thanks

“He could have thanked me.”

“He could have thrown his catheter at you.”

“I was holding the door for him!”

“To the stairs!”

“I was being polite!”

“He was in a wheelchair!”

“Well I couldn’t push the button for the elevator. You’d already done it.”

“That’s so far from the point that it hurts a little.”

“Was I supposed to hold his catheter?”

“No, you were supposed to leave him alone.”

“We’re just supposed to ignore the handicapped now? Way to be progressive.”

“Why don’t you go hold the door to the stairs for a while?”

“Are we leaving?”

“You are.”


  1. Love it. As a person with a disability I am v tired of people speaking slowly, and loudly, and using little words. I hadn't realised that my brains were in my legs. Obviously they are.

  2. Funny! That guy's not to bright is he?

  3. For a change, that one took no time at all to sink in! Daaaang, that's funny — did someone really hold the stairwell door for a dude in a wheelchair?


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