Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bathroom Monologue: The People You Meet in Hell

"The girl whose glasses you mocked in third grade. The first person you ever beat in a fight. The first person who ever beat you in a fight. Every lover you cheated on. The sickly grandmother you never visited. Everyone you ever cut off in traffic, and the homeless people you stepped over, and the orphans who starved waiting for your call. They all remember, and they're waiting."


  1. Now I have the urge to go watch Flatliners.

  2. And the people you gossiped about. And those you mocked.
    Oh dear I sadly fear I could keep adding to this list.

  3. Some unhappy trips to the bathroom, thinking how many people could wind up on here.

  4. OMG their waiting ,really waiting :(


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