Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bathroom Monologue: Death to Rainbow Heathens

Ours is the Holy Orange Empire, and we have always been at war with Green. It is only Green who have always been splintered, and the cracks in the world began with them. Third sliver from the east of a continent of Orange, we know in our hearts we are truly the center, and the Holy Orange Empire has always been the center of the world.

All Orange is our right, and once Green is chipped away, we will surely reunite. Believe not what you‘ve heard from the Coast of Red or the Isles of Turquoise – they were never part of a whole, and their blending with the Orange slivers is unholy. They spread the fractures that have broken our glass world. Once we were a window into like alike the sun, and we will be again once this war is won.

Death to rainbow heathens.

This was written in response to a photo prompt Catherine Vibert and Lascaux Flash.


  1. You know that reminded me of a short film I watched when I was a kid: The Rainbow War. I watched that over and over. A lot of paint was used hehe.

  2. Those shards are sharp, and echo the undertones to this. Thanks John.

  3. I saw that picture too, but never got round to writing a story based around it. Really like what you've done with it!

  4. Love it. Holy Orange Empire, that made me chuckle!



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