Friday, May 25, 2018

New Story Live at Robot Dinosaurs!

I'm thrilled today to announce the publication of "Buyers’ Remorse and Seven Slain Cause ‘Adorable’ Robot Dinosaur Stock to Plummet Tuesday."

It's part of a series of stories on the theme of robot dinosaurs edited by the wonderful Merc Rustad. My story follows a company that promises to turn unwanted electronics into adorable baby robo dinosaurs.

Naturally, nothing goes wrong.

You can read the story for free by clicking here.


  1. Right - what could possibly go wrong? Congratulations!

  2. I am smiling so widely my face hurts. And grateful I don't play FB, twitter, instagram...
    Congratulations John.

  3. Life finds a way.

    I have an Amazon Alexa and Carlos keeps me warning me that this is bound to happen one night. Great story, John. My favorite parts were the company selling points about dialling 9-1-1 during the melee, and the endangered species activists.


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