Monday, June 4, 2018

New Story: "Tank!" is live at Diabolical Plots!

Are you ready for a new story? Because I've got a fresh one, just for you. "Tank!" is free to read over at Diabolical Plots.

This is the story of a sapient tank going to their first nerd convention. Comics books, anime, movies - most of us love them and want a community. The tank wants a community. More than anything, the hulking piece of military technology wants to make some friends.

The story is the result of a conversation I had with Max Gladstone at one 4th Street. I have to thank him for beta reading it, as well as my other beta readers, Paul Starr, Cass Williams, Merc Rustad, and Alison Wilgus. Their support helped me believe in a story that, so far, is touching a lot of people. Maybe more of us have been the tank than we admit.

Click here to meet the tank!


  1. Loved it.
    And may have been a tank in an earlier incarnation. Indeed I may still be...

  2. This story made me happy for several reasons. One, I'm happy to read your work again. Two, Tank found his people. Three, (as I said on the other site) only you could have non-cisgender, lesbians, body-shaming, and gun-control wrapped in a fish-out-of-water story that wasn't really about any of those things at all. Also, I'm the worst at small talk. It's so useless.

    Rating: One turrett way, way up!


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