Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bathroom Monologue at an Anime Convention

“Why the Hell do these people keep looking at me like I’m staff? And why did I show two of them to their seats? There is such a thing as too nice, Wiswell. But what do I look like? Beard makes me look a lot older. I’ve got an actual button-down shirt on, and I’m not hiding my convention pass to look cool. I speak in a polite manner—oh, holy crap. They think I work here. I need a Hawaiian shirt as soon as possible.”


  1. LOL!
    Did they call you sir? I get called ma'am at work. It's scary.

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  3. Hopefully when I call you 'sir' it's not too frightening, given my position as your midboss.

  4. It's not distressing in the least. That was a moment of terror as I realized they thought I worked there when I was actually trying to enjoy myself.

    Heck, it was four years ago. I'm even sirier now.


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