Monday, July 28, 2008

Noun Challenge

Dear Readers,

I want to try a little experiment. Next week all seven of the monologues will contain three specific nouns: a person, a place and a thing. Anyone who is reading is invited to leave a word in one of these categories. The first person can choose any of the three; the second gets to choose form the remaining two, and the last picks the final world.

It can be any person (Jimmy Carter, Liu Bei, Apollo), any place (Paris, Fortress of Solitude, Lake of Tranquility on the moon), and any thing (a boulder, the Blarney Stone, the color green). Doesn't matter if the place is fictional or the person is a name you just made up. Any ambiguity is my territory - you tell me to write seven monologues about someone I've never heard of, and at least one of them will be a different person with the same name. You pick the "Quickening" from Highlander and I get to interpret it as a verb. All's fair for the runner. In turn, you can choose one as difficult as you want (Anthony Venn-Brown, Mobile in Alabama, Kentucky blue grass). Boy, I hope you won't.

The first point of the experiment is to see if I can actually do it. The second is to see if I can make any of it fun. For the sanctity of the experiment, there will not be more than one list and not more than one Strange Company dialogue. Can't cheat.

Though really, a list that managed to cover Jimmy Carter, Paris and a boulder would be impressive.

Thanks for playing along. Your submissions for the experiment can go in the Comments section of this post.

John Wiswell


  1. Place: The Kentucky Derby

  2. All right, all right, Thing.
    A chunk of volcanic pumice.

  3. why would anyone want to write about Anthony Venn-Brown....hehe.

    Possibly its been done to death. It could be interesting to get others perspectives though besides my own.

  4. Rats, this is what I get for going grocery shopping.

  5. Yeah, what the heck, Jeni? Now I've got to write about volcanic pumice seven times a week!

    Did four last night, though. You people haven't beaten me yet.

    Is there much of a market for monologues about Mr. Venn-Brown? Do let me know.

  6. Hmmmmmmm
    How about another thing?
    Magic the Gathering Cards.

  7. That would be cheating! Also, I've already got five with pumice ready.

  8. have we been in contact before john....I was wondering why my name suddenly appeared in your blog entry. Google alerts picked it up for me.


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