Friday, March 13, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: Giant Dissection

Phenotypically they most resemble humans, though you will notice the spine is more curved providing a natural slouch, the hands and feet are disproportionately large, and there are sundry internal differences. They possess three lungs and five heart-like organs of amazing toughness and resilience. We have still yet to cut through one of the hearts, so it should be several more weeks before we can say anything about the cardiovascular system. For flourish’s sake, though, they have arteries that could reverse a small mountain stream, compensating for the sheer space they have to pump blood through. You will notice the fingernails are calcified to the point of being part of the skeletal system, and bones have integrated with all the major organs, providing structural support and a defense mechanism for each much as the human skull provides its brain. The giant skull is as thick as rumored, but shelters a brain much larger than anticipated. We find all the lobes in human physiology as well as two incomparable ones. Based on their proximity to what would be the reasoning centers in humans, we may be looking at the schematics for the next evolutionary leap – the housing of giant intelligence, if you will. It’s most unfortunate that science will not be able to chart further growth with their oncoming extinction, but then maybe it is fortunate, or else human science might vanish altogether.

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