Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: “How many equal sides does a scalene triangle have?” –The author’s brother-in-law in Know-It-All

“One. Now I know what you’re going to say: that a triangle has to have at least two sides be equal to each other to have any that are equal at all. But you didn’t ask how many sides a specific scalene triangle had to itself. You asked how many equal sides it had, so I answered how many sides the triangle had that were equal to another triangle I was imagining. It may have three similar sides to an identical scalene triangle. However, it cannot have any identical sides to itself because it’s scalene – so you can only be asking about its relation to another triangle, so I picked one on my own. Booyah.”


  1. Booyah.
    The sound that logic makes as it goes hurtling past. :D

  2. The logic here took me a while to follow, but I liked it once I got it. Nicely argued.
    *continues to giggle*

    Incidentally, the word verification looks like it should be a little known verb - "efflat". How does one efflat something? Is it kind of like effacing, but more forceful, flattening at the same time?


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