Friday, June 19, 2009

Bathroom Monologue: Bio I composed in the bathroom and feel I really shouldn't use

John studied Literature at Bennington College. Long before that he was thirteen and crippled, and the works of Mark Twain, J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephen King and various others gave him the will to make it to the next day. Now that he is able to walk, he feels he owes Literature something. Bennington College now feels that is somewhere in the six-figure range.

He writes The Bathroom Monologues, a blog of micro-fiction, list fiction, character sketches, monologues and other brief prose at, which is now at over 750 entries. He also writes short stories and novels in various genres, because a stroke victim and a guy who thinks the world is full of evil pod people are both really interesting. He has been published at Inside Pulse, Alien Skin Magazine, the Story Library, Flashshots,, Powder Burn Flash, and by Acorn Press. He is always looking for new venues for fiction, online and off.


  1. I know a lot about bios but that one seemed pretty good to me. What's your reasoning for not wanting to use it?

  2. Bios are usually very dry. I self-promote in here in a way that hurts my soul, so I'm sure I'm doing it part-way right. But the first paragraph actually entertaining me suggests something's wrong. Any life to them goes against convention.

    I used it anyway, on a couple of pieces half its length. So there's even more humor.


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