Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Previously On as a Regular Serial?

You've probably noticed that today's monologue is a direct sequel to last Wednesday's. I think it's about time some of the Bathroom Monologues crossed over - so many brief scenes and character sketches that I bet most of you thought would never go anywhere. But I'm curious if any of you actually want to see more of this. Please leave comments on whether you'd like to see more, or if this should stay a shorter and more random house of prose.

Long time close readers of the Bathroom Monologues will be unsurprised to find Apollo is the villain.

Or is he?


  1. I really love Previously On and hope you continue it.

  2. All together now:
    More! More! More! I like Odin having the god Raven instead of his own pet ravens, it's very good.

  3. It just stands to reason that Odin would socialize with Raven.


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