Saturday, June 27, 2009

Scheduled Post Problem

I apologize for stories going up late on here. For over a week now Blogspot has had some glitches. I have several weeks of stories scheduled to go up at 9:00 AM. Blogspot simply isn't posting them. Google claims it's fixed. They are wrong. It's happening on dozens of other blogs, too, though their Help forum is so obtuse that everyone can't gather to tally how many blogs are affected.


  1. I don't do to many scheduled posts, but I can run one as a test if you're curious.

  2. What test are you thinking about?

    Everything that is currently not posting on schedule was put into queue weeks ago. Everything put into queue back then went up on time until a certain day last week. Now it doesn't work. I've put new posts into queue, and that also doesn't work. It appears to be a defect for specific users.

  3. Just see if I was one of the users too. I imagine it can only help the cause if a lot of people complain.


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