Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Writing for Millions" at Editors Unleashed

Today’s story is my essay for the “Why I Write” contest over at Editors Unleashed. You can read “Writing for Millions” here.

The contest is open to public vote in case you would like to support my writing. The forum requires a log-in to prevent theft of the essays. Sign-ups take a minute and there’s no spam.

You might ask how an essay is a story. A good essayist might pity you for asking that question, knowing the school system killed the essay for you before you even knew what it could be. Not being a good essayist, I'll only say that “Writing for Millions” is actually fiction; the argument of the essay isn’t why I write, but its style absolutely is.

I have a story on how this essay came about, which I'll share another day if there's desire amongst you readers. For now, thank you for reading.

John Wiswell's "Writing for Millions" at Editors Unleashed.


  1. a screaming riot. who would expect less?

  2. I read. I voted. As many fingers on my hand ;^)

    Thanks for the laugh -- much needed! Peace, Linda

  3. Thank you both! I'm glad I provided a necessary laugh. Hope you're okay, Linda...

  4. John,
    read it, loved it, laughed so loudly I scared the cat. Top marks.


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