Monday, March 22, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: Headlines

400 Dead, Thousands Missing after L.A.X. Blast

President Canne: Change Necessary After L.A. Bombings

Howard O’Dell, Dakota Senator, Champions Revised Patriot Act

Libertarian candidate blasts “Unpatriotic Act”

O’Dell: Patriot Act II essential in foiling Miami attack

Turkey to host new terrorist detention center

Hundreds of “dangerous men” apprehended thanks to Patriot Act II, says O’Dell

‘No Appeals’ for Detainees

Number of People Detained at Gull Island Unknown

“Terrorists Don’t Deserve Trials” says Dakota Senator

Foreign Detention Centers: Are They Ethical?

Turkey is an old ally, says President

Will President Canne Survive Re-Election?

Detention Center Photos Surface

Senator O’Dell: ‘Prison Outside Borders, U.S. Jurisdiction’

Canne Sacked in Narrow Election

“A re-count is necessary” –Andrew Canne

Heartland Senate Seats Sway with New President

New President Not Closing Detention Centers

Hundreds of U.S. Citizens Sent to Detention Centers

Turkish Detention Center more humane than media lets on, says President

Wife of former Dakota Senator claims husband taken

Grounds for new terror arrests questioned

Adena O’Dell: Please free my husband

Foreign Detention Centers are useful, says President

New Turkish torture photos appear

Two former senators seen in torture photos?

“Photos misrepresent Turkish detention centers,” says White House Press Aid

“That’s my husband,” says former senator’s wife

House, Senate move to close Gull Island

Patriot Act II repeal to hit Senate floor this week

Anti-Patriot Act lacks veto-proof majority

Anti-Defense legislation doomed to fail, says White House Press Aid

Patriot Act II rescinded

Detainees return home after Turkish prison debacle

Adena O’Dell: Where is my husband?

“There were always more hiding places,” former president Canne

“National agenda shifting to economy,” says D.C. insider

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