Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quilted For Your Pleasure: National Solipsists Society

Today's is the second of what I'm calling Sunday Funnies: Quilted for Your Pleasure. The above cartoon was composed in my bathroom, then drawn by artist Max Cantor. I still count it as a Bathroom Monologue. Click on the above image for a bigger view.

Max is a good old friend from college who read several of the first Bathroom Monologues by IM. It's encouragement from people like him that made this blog happen. The BMs originally ran on one of his websites, for what I assume was an audience of my girlfriend and his mother. His mother commented more often, which is one reason why I'm single.

If Sunday Funnies get enough positive response we might make them a regular weekly feature. All feedback is welcome. Seriously. Max will wet himself if you click 'This is OK.'


  1. I loved this. Keep up the Sunday funnies. Just joined your blog and it is hilarious, what I've read so far. Loved the Flash about our monetary mint and God. And God mucking about with Australia. Funny stuff, man. Keep it up...

  2. Thanks so much, Cody. I'll endeavor to keep it up. Something new goes up every day. Let's see if I can come up with another comic for Max...


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