Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Hold Down the Fort" at Muskoka River

Today I have a story and interview over as Muskoka River.

This is one of the first times I've been interviewed. We covered the origin of the Bathroom Monologues, my writing habits, and some of my favorite American authors (guess how many are dead). I also asked my audience an important question that I'd sincerely like answers to. Cathy Oliffe did something very amusing with my answers that followers of the Bathroom Monologues should enjoy.

The story is "Hold Down the Fort." It plumbs that peculiar phrase and whips up an absurdist history to explain its existence. It features Davey Crockett, Paul Bunyan and anti-gravity pirates in zeppelins.

You can read both the interview and the story by clicking on this text here.


  1. 'twas a great interview, John. I guess you've gotta go with the writing location that works best for you...

  2. Good stuff. Both interview and story. Really wanna visit now...

  3. Dunno if you popped back over there since it was posted but ... to reiterate, this is what I said:

    << I respect and admire John so so much... You know that feeling?? You know ... That feeling that we writers sometimes get when reading another scribe??? Kinda like, "This fucking guy is so smart... Why am I even bothering throwing my hat into the ring."

    THAT's how I feel about Wiswell. If someone deserves a collected volume -- it's this dude. >>

  4. Been dealing with computer issues the last several days, but I'm up to speed now.

    Thank you all for the kind words, both here and there. I'm glad the interview was a little hit for Cathy's site (and for my self-esteem). Cathy did a bang-up job playing with my answers.

    Anthony, I'm very touched by your words. I put a great deal of effort into my prose and if people appreciate it that much, then the effort is probably worthwhile. But there are good reasons for you to bother throwing your hat in the ring. You're a heck of a writer, too.

    Now a collected volume...? Would that sell?


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