Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: How short can I make this story?

“You know he’s sleeping around, right?”

“I do now. Borrow your gun?”


  1. Very short. Very pointed. Very good.

  2. A very good story in three short sentences. Terrific!

    (My verification was longer than your story!)

  3. “He’s sleeping around.”

    “Borrow your gun?”

    Oh wait...was the title rhetorical?

    [sometimes I just can't help myself-- I'll be available from 3-5 if you want to slap me with a wet noodle]

  4. Brevity is, as always, the soul of wit.

  5. An interesting piece of sc-fi short story history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knock_(short_story)

  6. Ross, haven't we discussed that story before? I've admired it ever since hearing Guillermo Del Toro's version. Del Toro is an adorable Horror nerd and a great pleasure to listen to. Brown beat me, that's for certain.

    Laurita, thanks! Glad you liked the minimalism.

    Laura. Thank. You. Very. Much.

    Oh, Karen. You had to go trump me?

    Dan, also the soul of guns, it seems.

  7. What?! How can one trust the snitch's version of events. What if it's not true?

    What's true is that you written a very good story of revelation, jealousy, revenge! :)

  8. Well, I didn't have to.... I felt I owed it to you....

    *looks chagrined*

    wow. next I'll be saying we have a pool and a pond....

    Did you notice all the folks saying how wonderful you were all day? Kinda nice isn't it?

    You rock John.


  9. As a flash junkie, I approve of this message.

  10. Perfetto! Loved it. Peace...


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