Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: Missing His Lamp

The rumors were true: a genie was wandering around behind the school. He left blue smoke trails as he floated around, checking behind every rock and bench for something. All the kids abandoned soccer practice, keeping pace behind him and yelling.

“I wish for a million bucks!”

“Two million!”

“I wish for all the money in the world!”

The genie shook his head. “I can’t do any wishes without my lamp. Find it and maybe we’ll talk.”

None of them broke away. Instead they followed and belted out desires.

“I wish for rocket boots!”

“I wish I could see through Stacy Keener’s bra!”

"I wish I was invisible!"

“I wish for an invisible plane!”

The genie rolled his puffy eyes and kept searching.

One kid, who was banking on that two million dollar wish, asked, “Well what can you do without your lamp?”

“I wish for a Helix Dragonoid!”

“I wish for a pet dragon! A pink one!”

The genie looked at the two-million-dollar wisher and answered, “I can wish you’d all shut up.”


  1. I feel that way some days...

    *jumps back in her lamp*

  2. Love this so much! Clever and wonderful.

  3. Now what I wonder is if all those kids wishes came true, or if they were just annoying. hmm!

  4. I had no idea I'm a genie. The things you learn on a blopg!

  5. This was a great humorous little story. I can't say I've ever found myself feeling bad for a genie before but in this case I pitied him up until the last line, and I hope he got his wish!

  6. I was hoping for a kid to catch a clue and go looking for the lamp.

    This is much better. That genie is the only one who should be getting a wish.


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