Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: Pitch for “Odysseus: Dumb ****ing Author Killer”

After thousands of years, the craftiest hero in Greek history is back. And no, he’s not here to fix the government: he’s here to fix publishing. Odysseus ventures the wine-dark seas to slay godless writers who sent zombies to Regency England and turned Abraham Lincoln into a vampire hunter. His literary odyssey will take him to any corner of the globe with Creative Commons and authors who trample on it. See him trapped by a one-eyed publishing executive; see his men reduced to mindless pigs by a witch from Maxim Magazine; see the hilarious look on his face when he reads Clive Cussler’s remake of The Iliad. This summer, Odysseus is going to pop culture… right in the face.


  1. Yay, Odysseus! About time someone took control! Any chance he could tackle the vampire novels too, and not just the vampire satires? If he does I promise I'll sacrifice a goat or something to the gods of Mount Olympus.
    Thanks, Cruella.

  2. I think he'd do it in exchange for directions home, Cruella.

  3. I'll second the slaying of the sparkly vamp series. I wouldn't sacrifice an animal, but I'll happily give him directions or at least loan him my GPS. :)



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