Monday, July 5, 2010

Bathroom Monologue: Thor the Jetstream

So Thor sits down next to Odin. Ever since Loki moved out, Thor’s been coming up with wackier conversation starters to keep dear-old-dad on his toes.

He says, "I'm thinking of being a jet stream."

Odin’s one eye widens. Even his eye patch looks perplexed. "A what?"

"A jet stream.” Thor takes his hammer and waves it around, illustrating the idea very poorly. “It's this thing air currents move along, building and carrying storms. I have a great resume for it, if there's an opening."

"You're the god of lightning!” thunders Odin, unironically. “What do you need with manual labor?"

"There's not so many worshippers, pappy. It's a bit dull out here."

"I bet just as many people believe in you as this jetstream business."

"That's only because they haven't heard what a jetstream is. They’ve all heard of me and the best I get is a slot in a superhero team-up movie."

"Now they'll hear of Thor the Jetstream and they'll think it's a new military bomber plane."

Odin throws a raven at him, but Thor catches it. He strokes the bird’s black feathers in the nefarious way his brother used to.

"That'd be pretty fun, though, wouldn't it?"


  1. Heh, love the dialogue and the lighthearted storytelling.

    Thor the Jetstream as a military bomber is great. Nice work, sir. :)

  2. This is great, made me grin ear to ear. Fantastic!

  3. Nefarious bird-stroking. Yeeeessss. *pats blue-jay, gets pecked* Hmm. Only works for gods or people wearing thick leather gloves.

  4. I like that Thor wants to get his hands a little dirty... Cool flash

  5. I love Norse mythology. Well done!


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