Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mind Meld on SF Signal Today

Today I'm part of a Mind Meld on SF Signal with Rachel Caine, Stephanie Burgis, Anne Lyle and others, discussing how The Princess Bride has affected current writers.

My answer is "Not enough."

Goldman's novel and Reiner's movie have ample lessons about how fiction works and what we really want out of it, but the current fiction market is almost polarized against it. You can read my essay on why this is, and why The Princess Bride may have affected writers more than their fiction, here.

Thanks to John DeNardo and Fabio Fernandez to the opportunity to wax philosophical about Westley and Buttercup.


  1. Thank *you* for contributing, John. :)

  2. Mine would be that too! I so love that story. Still waiting for similar word-magic to seep into my stories. I can only think of one example and that is in Rabbit's tales. It's a series of stories I have written for #fridayflash , starting two years ago


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