Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: Better With or Without?

John Wiswell was amongst the best and worst pranksters of his age. He lived for his own brand of humor. He was fascinated with the idea of logging onto AIM and telling all his friends that he was his sister, and that 'John' had died, to see how they would react when the truth was revealed. He was so fascinated with the idea that he never actually did it - just talked to people about it every few weeks, until they were bored or annoyed with it. And when he did die in a flaming car wreck, and his sister logged onto AIM to share the awful news, none of his friends believed her. They scolded her for the 'awful joke.' Several even terminated their friendship with 'him' over it, until they received their invitations to the funeral. According to his last testament, this was all to soften the blow of the loss for them, and to have one last laugh for himself.

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