Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: I'm gonna get kicked off the internet for this tribute to Punch Magazine

Iran recently began several long-range weapons projects that can evade radar detection and split a warship in half. The government even provided video of the weapons to any interested media outlets. Amongst the missiles was one capable of reaching beyond Israel or Europe, that Iran caled, "The Great Prophet" Project. Over the weeks they failed to explain exactly what this Great Prophet missile was supposed to foresee with its unnecessary destructive force. They were happy, though, to say it could hit anywhere in the U.S.. Seeing it, I had the urge to dust off our old Neutron Bomb project, that one that eradicates all life in a city but leaves their infrastructure and possessions intact, and re-label it the "Don't Make Me Come Over There, Bitch" Project.

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