Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: Their dad could totally beat up my dad

Death is a great way to create a comic book superhero. Doesn’t matter who dies: your uncle, your step-daughter, or your cousin’s dog. Death is a tradition in origins. A new traditional in slumping sales is to bring characters back to life. Uncle Ben, the Waynes, even the entire frickin’ planet of Krypton came back for a while. At this point I expect the mafia-hunting Punisher’s family to rise from the grave. When they do, I think he’ll quit the Punishing business. I mean yeah, the mob is awful, but he's done his part. There'll be some therapy involved, but if you've seen how frustrated this man gets, you'll agree that he's one afternoon delight away from calling in sick to hunting down serial killers in a van with no air conditioning. He'll be the kind of dad who flips out in traffic and probably makes a scene with the other parents at tee ball practice, though if you're his kids, you won’t mind. You just came back to life! And having been dead for thirty years, you have no idea how common resurrection is in Marvel Comics.

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