Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bathroom Monologue: "Pakistan needs to be more pro-Western" -Pundit on ABC Radio

"You're right. We'll go stop using the wheel and the number zero immediately. What has the West made that we can replace it with? Small pox? Perfect. But also, could you define "West" for us? Because Africa is west of us. Actually, everything is west if you go far enough. The world is a spheroid, if you haven't heard. We sort of figured that out in 600 B.C., though we'll pretend the world's flat if it'll solve all our problems."

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  1. Wow. Very, very well-put, yo. Excellent point about political flattening of the world (and topics, and logic). It gets said so often we forget to question - "WHY exactly are we the west?" Oh yeah, because we like to do maps that way... despite the fact that our flat maps distort and contort our round world to a huge degree.


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