Friday, January 4, 2008

Bathroom Monologue: Dodd - 0% - 1

Last night, you were the only one who voted for Christopher Dodd at the Iowa Caucuses. Because CNN didn’t use decimals, you registered as zero percent. You were both one and zero – a human binary code who voted for a dark horse. I don’t know much about Senator Dodd, other than his opposition to war and that a few weeks ago he was the only Senator who left the campaign trail to return to his job and fight against a bill that would have granted immunity to telephone companies that spied on their customers, so long as they did it for the government. Why did you vote for him? Why you alone? Have you met him? Many people have met him. What do you know that no one else knows? What do you think that no one else thinks? Are you crazy? Are you moral? When you got up yesterday morning, what was on your mind? Did other people say they’d vote for him? Were you the only one who didn’t back down? How lonely was it to speak alone when Dodd’s name was called? How did you feel leaving the building? Have you spoken to Senator Dodd since then? What do you look like? Why do I imagine you dressed in a thick wool trenchcoat? I guess because I imagine it’s really cold.

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