Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bathroom Monologue: Toy Story 4 Synopsis

The rosy picture of the toys’ existence is shattered when Bonnie’s father returns home from Afghanistan. The typical Toy Story opening scene is interrupted by his boot crashing through the fantasy. Bonnie flees the living room and hides under her bed with Woody and Buzz, the three watching as the father beats their mother.

Though the emphasis of the film remains on the toys, there is a serious divide in the group as to what to do about their owner. Mr. Potato Head demands they remain passive plastic entertainers, but Woody finds this irresponsible and pushes to intervene.

There is a shadowy bedtime scene suggesting the father is more than abusive to his daughter. This prompts Buzz Lightyear to emerge, to the mixed encouragement from Woody and protests from Potato Head. The father turns to look at him and Buzz freezes with anxiety. The father complains about Bonnie’s carelessness with her toys and makes an example, first ripping off the spaceman’s wings, then tossing him in the garbage disposal.

The next morning the Potato Head contingent collects Buzz’s shredded remains in a ziplock bag. They depart the house to lay him to rest in the house he was raised in, Andy’s. Woody is left alone in Bonnie’s homestead with the unconscious and drunk father. He strokes the seams of his own previously dismembered arm and regarding the father’s scars. While our copy lacked the last ten pages, the conclusion is supposed to have caused two Disney executives to have suffered heart attacks. 

Darren Aronofsky is attached to direct.


  1. ah disney those purveyors of childhood dreams..or is it nightmares??

  2. I know Toy Story 3 was darker in places than its predecessor but this would cause execs to pitch a fit.

  3. That's incredibly real.
    I loved it.

  4. I never saw Toy Story 3 but 4 sounds like a horror movie for kids!

  5. Oddly enough, I don't think this would be much a stretch for Disney. they are the makers of "Old Yeller", after all. This trauma has just been updated for the new millenium.

  6. Hm. Dizzy has gotten way too lazy in their old age, it would be far far too much work to pull a happy ending out of that!

  7. "Darren Aronofsky is attached to direct."

    Icing on the cake.

    I mean, I loved "Pi". Never did see "Black Swan", though.

    What I want to know is: how do the green plastic army men (typically spies and lookouts in previous films) fit into all this?

  8. That was a bit dark. I'd watch it...


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